Where to purchase kindle - The latest on Kindle Wi-Fi, Kinle 3G and Kindle DX

The demand for the kindle e-reader has been growing in leaps and bounds from year to year. Up until recently, you could only get a kindle reader from the Amazon Online Store. It is no wonder that you, as many other aspiring users, are asking the now popular question: “where to purchase kindle”.

The most obvious answer is that it can be purchased online from Amazon. However, you could be pleased to know now that there are additional stores where you can buy a kindle. However, at the time when we investigated this question you could not buy the kindle online from these stores. Things may have changed now.

In this article we look at the options of where to purchase your kindle.

Why it’s still best to purchase your kindle from Amazon

  • The new stores will of course catch up with time, but for now Amazon is a mature online store in terms of buyer-experience with respect to the  kindle for the following reasons:
  •         You get full customer reviews that allow you to get feel for the kindle as if you have used it yourself.
  •          You have an opportunity, if you are technically inclined, to understand the comparative advantages of the kindle in opposition to other competitor products like the Nook
·         You get a full comparative analysis of the three main types of kindles, i.e.
o   The Kindle Wi-Fi
o   And Kindle DX
This helps a great deal in choosing the type of kindle that suits you. For instance:
·         One user may be needing to use the kindle as a reader based only at home.
·         while another may be  traveling a lot and wanting to carry his books along, and
·         still another may need the luxury of having the reader on audio mode, reading back to him or her

What about getting into a store and doing a physical purchase?

For some buyers it will always be preferable to go physically into a store. In the second half of 2010 the Amazon Kindle was introduced to stores like Staples, Best Buy and Target. This seems to have started spreading once the competitor product (Nook), which is not seen to be on par with the Amazon kindle, became more available to customers.

However, it is not easy to do a proper comparison and determination of the type that suits you best by just physically looking at the kindle. It is better to listen to people who have bought and used these devices. The Amazon site gives you the advantage of reading actual user accounts in addition to their detailed technical and functional descriptions of the kindles.

If you want see these reviews before purchasing the kindle, you can CLICK HERE to read about the different AMAZON KINDLES